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Earn free rewards at over 1,000 businesses.

It’s never been so easy to get VIP perks at all your favorite places... until now.

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How does Stealz work?

It’s simple. Get Social & Save Money.

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App Features

Exclusive Rewards

Stealz is your key to countless rewards at over 1,000 businesses. Each business offers at least one awesome reward that you can redeem for FREE on your first visit.

4 Ways To Earn Points

You can earn points towards rewards on every visit by checking-in, following a business on Twitter, leaving feedback about your experience, and sharing a photo.

Find Out What's Nearby

Our “Nearby” feature uses location technology to show you what businesses are closest, and what kind of rewards are waiting for you down the street.

Business Directory

Get easy directions, contact information, and a direct website link for every participating business when you access their page on the Stealz app.

Customizable Profile

Your Stealz Profile shows you all your activity around town, including every awesome photo you’ve shared, all in one place.


  • How do I download Stealz?

    Stealz is FREE to download in both the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android)! You can download the app by either clicking on one of the links above or by visiting the respective store on your mobile device and searching for “Stealz.”

  • What types of devices support the Stealz app?

    Mobile devices that support the following operating systems also support the Stealz app: iPhone models with iOS 7 and above, Android models with Android OS 4.1 and above. Stealz does not currently support Windows mobile devices.

  • How many businesses are on Stealz and how many rewards / deals do they offer through the app?

    There are over 1,000 businesses that offer exclusive rewards / deals through the Stealz app - just for you! New businesses are added every single day, and each business offers at least 2-3 rewards. Some even offer 10 or more!

  • Where can I use Stealz?

    Stealz originated in Raleigh, North Carolina and while we maintain our biggest presence in NC, Stealz has quickly expanded across the east coast of the US and beyond. States where you can currently earn Stealz deals include NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, TN, KY, WV, VA, DC, MD, PA, NJ, OH, MI, WI, MO, MN, CO. There are also a handful of participating businesses in Guatemala City and Ontario, Canada.

  • How do I earn points and how many points can I earn per visit?

    You can earn Stealz points by getting social at your favorite businesses – primarily through sharing photos of your experience on social media, or leaving feedback about your visit. You can typically earn up to 10 points on every visit to a participating business:

    • Check-in = 1 point
    • Share a photo
    • Leave Feedback = 1 point for every question answered (typically 1-3 questions)

    Most businesses also offer a one-time opportunity to earn 5 points by following them on Twitter (done through the Stealz app).

  • How do I “Leave Feedback“ to earn points?

    To access this feature, click on one of the two blue “Earn” buttons, and then select the “Leave Feedback” option. When you’re ready, click “READY, GO!” The app will prompt you to answer a number of questions typically ranging from 1 to 5 depending on how many questions the business wants to ask. You will earn 1 point for every question you answer. The questions are created by the business and are customized to your visit. Once you click “SUBMIT” and your answers have been verified, you will receive your points!

  • Are there Stealz rewards / deals that don’t require any points?

    Yes! Every business offers ONE FREE REWARD that we like to call the “Instant Steal.” This is a reward / deal that you can redeem the first time you use the Stealz app at a business, and ranges from free appetizers or $$$ off your purchase to free merchandise and more! If you’re putting the pieces together about what that means and freaking out a little... YES you’re right – that means the Stealz app is your key to over 1,000 FREE REWARDS! Get out there and start exploring!

  • Why does Stealz require my Location Services to be turned on?

    Since the Stealz app is all about hooking you up with nearby rewards at local businesses, we rely on verifying your location for a variety of reasons. Our app uses what’s called iBeacon technology to let you know when you’re near a participating business, so we’re always on the lookout for these iBeacons. However, our system only checks your location when you actually open the app. Don’t worry, your location is only used to verify that you are ready to check-in at a business and start earning points towards Stealz deals!

  • My Location Services can be testy sometimes and don’t always work correctly. Are there other ways I can check-in to a business?

    Absolutely! Having your Bluetooth turned ON can also be used as an easy way to verify your location. With Bluetooth on, our iBeacon technology picks up the slack so that Location Services won’t be required for you to check-in. This serves as a great fallback for when your phone’s GPS starts acting up (as they often do).

  • What kind of photos should I be sharing through the Stealz app?

    Every photo you share through the Stealz app tags the business that you’re visiting, so it should be a reflection of your experience in some way, shape or form. Your photo should always include something about your visit, whether it’s your food, friends, etc. Here are a few guidelines for the photos you should be sharing through the Stealz app:

    1. The photo must be taken AT / INSIDE the business for which you are sharing and must only include RELEVANT MATERIAL about the business.
    2. The photo must be taken after or in the process of MAKING A PURCHASE at the business.
    3. The photo must be APPROPRIATE (i.e. may not include any inappropriate features such as nudity, profanity, or material unrelated to the business).
    4. The photo must be of satisfactory OVERALL QUALITY (i.e. not unreasonably blurry, blank).
    5. The photo must be UNIQUE from all previous photos you have shared at the same business via Stealz.

    **Disclaimer: All photos uploaded through the Stealz app are quality monitored and your account is subject to point removal if a photo does not meet the standards outlined above. As always, please reach out to us with questions!

  • How do I redeem a reward / deal?

    Redeeming a reward / deal with Stealz is a piece of cake (figuratively and sometimes even literally)! When you’re at a business and you have enough points to redeem a reward, click on the reward when you’re ready to use it. The app will prompt you to “Press & Hold” a large Stealz icon to spend your points. Then, the app generates a digital version of a voucher for your reward. Be sure to show your phone (with the voucher on the screen) to a staff member (i.e. waiter, manager, cashier, etc.) to claim your reward. They will click “STAFF PRESS HERE” and hook you up!